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Scotland Wedding Statistics in 2015

Scotland Wedding Statistics in 2015

This wedding infographic takes a brief look at the most recent wedding and marriage statistics in Scotland, including how the total number of marriages has declined in the past 40 years and yet Scotland currently boasts a booming wedding tourism industry that is doing wonders for the Scottish economy, and has actually been named the most popular wedding destination in the UK in 2014. In fact, nearly a quarter of all marriages in Scotland involved couples who have travelled from outside of the country.

We also look at some of the statistics of same-sex marriage since it was first legalised at the end of 2014 – with civil partnerships able to convert to same-sex marriage from 16th December 2014 and same-sex weddings taking place from 31st December 2014. Over 500 within just the first month! An incredible number considering the the small amount of couples who entered into civil partnerships the year before! A true insight into how the Scottish people fought for legal and social equality, waiting for same-sex marriage to become legal.

The infographic also takes a look at the top 5 locations where Scots get married, based upon the total number of marriages in 2014 in each Scottish council area.

Infographic Source: Paula Veverka

Scotland Wedding Statistics 2015 Infographic

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