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How To Write Your Resume To Overcome Age Bias

How To Write Your Resume To Overcome Age Bias

Strategically creating a resume that downplays the age problem is one of the best ways to minimize the impact of age discrimination during a job hunt. And make no mistake: age bias can be just as much of a problem for younger workers as it is for the over-50 crowd. Follow these tips and create a strategically and carefully crafted resume that will improve your competitiveness and increase your chances of landing your desired job regardless of your age.

Age bias in the workplace is real, and whether you are an older worker or younger worker, age can be an issue when job searching. The way you write your resume can have an impact on our job search -and that impact could be positive or negative depending on what you choose to emphasize or deemphasize. This infographic will help guide you in the best way to write your resume to minimize any age bias problems.


How To Write Your Resume To Overcome Age Bias

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