40 Ways Dogs Make The Best Babysitters

40 Ways Dogs Make The Best Babysitters

Among all the pets, dogs are the only ones who can babysit a child. Dogs do all that a regular babysitter does and much better. There are a whole lot of ways a dog can babysit a child.

Dogs care for the children, play with them, bring them their toys, keep a watchful eye on them, get them to learn how to crawl, walk, and run, give piggyback rides, do random sniff health checks on babies, be a pool lifeguard, and much more.

Studies show that kids who grow up around dogs are less likely to get sick, have stronger immune systems, and are much healthier. That’s not all.

Children who grow up with dogs become more empathetic, develop higher emotional intelligence, learn to process emotions, handle stress and foster an imaginative mind along with a great sense of humour.

So, get a dog for yourself and for your family. You would be glad that you did.

Infographic Source: http://www.dogpages.net

40 Ways Dogs Make The Best Babysitters

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