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How to Create a Successful Infographic: A Step by Step Guide

How to Create a Successful Infographic: A Step by Step Guide

Infographics are powerful to communicate detailed information in a way that people can grasp quickly. If you want to create a successful infographic, you have to follow a few different steps.


Before you start collecting data or designing anything, you need to be clear on what your objective for the infographic is. What are you trying to communicate? Is your infographic going to be purely educational, or is it supposed to motivate your audience to take some action.

You should only have one goal for your infographic. If you try to accomplish more than that you will most likely end with something that accomplishes nothing.


An infographic is only as good as the data it uses. You want to make sure that the data you use is accurate and interesting to your audience.

You also want to structure your data so that it is easy to understand at a quick glance. Infographics are most effective when providing a simple visual representation of a statistic or data set.

Simplicity should be your guiding principle. It is better to communicate a few data points clearly than to include so much data that someone gives up trying to make sense of your message.

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Infographics 101: How to create a successful infographic
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