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Crazy Car Stats From Around the World

Crazy Car Stats From Around the World


Hiring a car on holiday or driving a car abroad anytime soon? You’ll want to be clear about the rules and regulations of the road in each country. It’s not only a case of driving on the right (or wrong!) side of the road, there are some big differences in what you can and can’t do behind the wheel.

The main purpose of this infographic is to inform readers of some important rules of the road in various countries, while also engaging the reader with some fun facts and statistics. It is aimed at people who are thinking of traveling on the road while abroad, such as on holiday or on a business trip.

Alcohol limits, speed limits, the cost of petrol… and plenty more. Check out our infographic below displaying some of our favourite crazy car stats from around the world!



This is an infographic by the team at and you can view it here



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