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Best Men’s Tag Heuer Watch Models

Best Men's Tag Heuer Watch Models


Named for the team’s AC72 racing yacht, the TAG Heuer AQUARACER seen at Haute Time was customized for each sailor, and wirelessly linked directly to the boat’s onboard computers. As a result, it does more than tell time; the Aquaracer 72 displays real-time information like boat speed, true wind speed, true wind direction and true wind angle. Inside the oversized 51mm diameter case is a highly legible screen with an intense luminosity (which has to be reloaded after each race). The screen also features a water-repellent coating which keeps it clean, dry and salt-free. A water-resistant leather strap with an adaptable folding clasp lets this watch fit comfortably over the crew’s wetsuits.


Best Men's Tag Heuer Watch Models

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