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Australia’s Most Popular Instagrammed Tourist Attractions & Top Beaches

Australia's Most Popular Instagrammed Tourist Attractions & Top Beaches


Traveling is fun and a personal experience to discover the world’s most beautiful and most visited places. Matissebeachclub.com.au presenting an awesome Infographic that depicts number of #hashtags received by the most popular places in Australia on Instagram, followed by the most visited regions in Australia and The Top beach spots, the data shows the popular 1. “Sydney Harbour Bridge” NSW has got 342,969# hashtags on Instagram followed by 2. “Bondi Beach” 261,911 # hashtags, 3. Sydney Opera House 134,641 #hashtags, 4. Uluru 134,641 #hashtags etc. In the last section of this Infographic, you can also find the Top Western Australian beach spots.

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